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#makethefocaccia !

My #sourdough #focaccia #recipe is super easy and a great intro to higher hydration doughs (this one is 80% water)

I’ve been making focaccia for 8 years, ever since I fell in love when traveling trough the Cinque Terre. Specifically the best I had was in #vernazza which is my 3rd favorite place on the planet.

When made in a 9” round pan, this recipe is thicker than what you’d find in that region of Italy, but it’s my personal preference. If you prefer a more traditional thickness, the same recipe is great stretched out and made in a large sheet pan.

If you swipe through the photos and then back again you’ll see the progression from initial mix all the way through final dimpling, or docking.

It’s so cool to see a stick LT lumpy mass of dough become a silky smooth and strong bubbly dough. It’s something you have to try to really understand.

By the way, you dimple focaccia so it all raises uniformly. If you don’t dimple it will dome.

Feed your culture so you can make some dough tomorrow night and celebrate #focacciafriday !

All my #recipes can be found in my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough which you can get on my website
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