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Another #pineapple on #pizza covert today 🥳

I was told one of my coworkers didn’t like pineapple on pizza so I whipped up this little number to change his mind.

Olive oil base. Shredded mozz. Grated parm. Pepperoni. Pineapple. Jalapeño. Cooked in an @oonihq and finished with lime juice and cilantro. All on my #neapolitan style #sourdough pizza dough.

This was his first slice. It wasn’t his last 😉

The roping combo was inspired from a pizza one of our designers @will0thomas made at work once that is still a top 10 all time pizza for me 😙👌

#pizzadough #recipe in the ebook!

@mattadlard and @mozza_fella you’re next
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