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74% water overnight #autolyse recipe looking 👌 and tasting 🤤

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal
74% water warm water
30C dough temp intro the fridge for a 10 hour overnight autolyse
4C dough temp in the morning
24% sourdough
2.4% salt
5 hour bulk with folds every 45 minutes
1 hour bench rest

Overnight rest in my oval @flourside_ basket

Scored with my @wiremonkeyshop UFO

Baked in my @brovn4bread

Just delicious with some salted butter and homemade apple and blackberry jam from a friend.

If these percentages are confusing, check out my post on baker’s percentages a couple posts back and give my ebook a read.

The full recipe will get added to the ebook soon and all current owners will be able to update to the new ebook for free!
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