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I was so generously #gifted a @brovn4bread about a month ago and I have been using the HECK out of it.

This thing is KILLER.

I think technically a @brovn4bread would fall under the baking cloche category.

Simply put, it’s a container to bake in. A surface to launch the bread and a cover to trap steam while it bakes.

But unlike other baking cloches the @brovn4bread has this BEAUTIFUL glass top that allows you to watch as the bread bakes. The base is steel and HEAVY so it adds some thermal mass to your oven to maintain temp.

I’ve been getting great bread out of this and have made loaves of various shapes and sizes. In this is a 600g oval (from my previous post) but I’ve done 1000g boules in this as well.

Honestly my favorite thing about this baker are the gloves 😂. They are awesome. They have these little silicone pips on the surface that make taking the top off during baking super easy.

I’m a fan.

It also makes great bread storage for after baking, and I need to experiment with it as a baking steel for pizza making too.

rhsd approved!

Not an ad. Just a fan!
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