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Live view of most new bakers figuring out baker’s percentages

Don’t worry! Baker’s percentages are actually super easy. Everything is just relative to flour. Flour is 100% always. Using different flours? They add up to 100%.

Everything else, water, salt, oil, butter, sourdough, seeds, mixers, everything, is compared to the amount of flour.

72% water means however much flour I use by weight, I use that amount multiplied by 0.72 and that’s how much water I use by weight.

Baker’s percentages make it super easy to make and scale any recipe and it’s the also quickest way to share recipes.

In addition, my favorite part about baker’s percentages is using them to figure out how much of each ingredient to use when I all I know is the final target dough weight.

As an example, I have a great proofing basket from @flourside_ that calls for a 600g loaf.

Say I take the #recipe for the loaf pictured here

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal
72% water
24% sourdough
2.4% salt

Say all I had was percentages and I didn’t know the final dough weight or any ingredient weights and I wanted to make a 600g loaf. All I have to do is add up all the percentages and divide 600g by that sum to find one “part”.

add up all percentages = 198.4%
198.4% = 1.984
600g/1.984 = 302g

so each “part” is equal to 302g

80% bread flour = 302g x 0.8 = 242g
20% wholemeal = 302g x 0.2 = 60g
72% water = 302g x 0.72 = 217g
24% sourdough = 302g x 0.24 = 72g
2.4% salt = 7g

And just like that I have a recipe for 600g loaf. 598. Close enough 😂

See! Easy! Get to know baker’s percentages, they’re your best friend!

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