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Spoiler alert!
You don’t need proofing baskets to make great bread!

It’s unfortunate that beginner bakers are often (wrongly) told the only way to get a loaf with a light open crumb is to use more water, and thus use a proofing basket.

This simply isn’t true.

When I first started baking, I didn’t like to use proofing baskets so I was determined to try to bake without them and developed recipes that work great without a basket.

Fortunately since then I’ve come to find proofing baskets I enjoy using (thanks @flourside_ !) which has allowed me to play with different recipes.

But back to the main point, this bread was cold proofed on parchment paper under a bowl using the technique I teach in my rhsd signature sourdough recipe which you can find on YouTube and in my ebook –

This is actually 72% water, which is even higher than that recipe calls for and it still works great!

My point is, don’t get bogged down thinking you need to go out and buy a bunch of new equipment to start this hobby. Just start!
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