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First crack at a 90% water, 100% whole-wheat loaf and it’s actually less dense than I was expecting

Flavor is killer. You get so much more flavor form whole-wheat or wholemeal flours than whore bread flour. That’s why most of my bread recipes call for around 20% wholemeal.

I think the next one I’ll do is 80% wholemeal and 20% bread flour, and I’ll drop the water to 85-87% depending on how it feels.

It’s no 100% water like @matthewjamesduffy but I’m getting there

When using high percentages of wholemeal flour, use a long autolyse. Wholemeal flour likes to absorb water so don’t be afraid of 80%+

This was a 5 hour autolyse but I think I’ll do an overnight next time, using the same technique I’ve been posting about with using warm water and then autolysing in the fridge. The difference with this though is I’m not going to do warm water, just room temp water. That’s because this dough was already pretty extensible and I don’t want to risk the extra extensibility from too much enzymatic activity. I just want to give the flour a chance to absorb all the water.

This was also 20% sourdough which was probably too much. I’ll do 15-18% next time.

Remember, more wholemeal flour and more water speeds up fermentation so you may want to slow down with less sourdough.

Happy with a first test! Give it a try!

Oh and it was 2.8% salt. 5 hour warm proof. 1 hour bench rest. 24 hour cold proof.

If this is confusing, get the ebook!
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