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#sourdough discard #pie dough #recipe

1st used for #applepie
2nd used for #pumpkinpie

Both the apples and pumpkin were from @craigies_farm_shop

113g unsalted butter (1 US stick)
200g all purpose flour
Cut in butter to flour by hand or with a blender
100g discard
50g maple syrup
4g salt
Mix all together until the forms a ball and put in fridge for 1 hour. Don’t overwork.

Roll out to a thin slot shape the width of your pie dish with a boarder the same depth as your pie dish. Cut two rounds, one for the top and one for the bottom. Reroll if needed.

For apple pie:
Put the bottom into a pie dish. Bake without filing with a weight of some kind for 10 minutes at 180C (350F).

I used a buttered metal pie tin as my insert, but anything that weighs done the crust is fine.

Then fill and top with the dough you cut early. I gave my applepie a quick egg wash and then baked for 30 minutes until golden at 180C (350F).

For pumpkin pie:
Either half the recipe or make two pies. Don’t prebake, just put the dough in the pie dish and fill and bake as normal. Mine baked for about an hour at 190C (375F).

What I loved about this recipe is I had an 120g of pie dough which I turned into a little hand pie. It’s like a little mini taster to make sure the pie is good before taking it to a friend 😂

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