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#panpizza is amazing!

I’m so excited to partner up with @lloydpans and @pizzaiolotribe for this HUGE collab

256 square inches huge

1000g of dough huge

1/2lb of cheese that I could have easily doubled huge

huge huge

swipe for a comparison shot of my standard 8×10 pan and I even have one with a penny for a little context.

This 16” x 16” x 2” Sicilian pizza pan from my friends at @lloydpans is huge. And like all the pizza pans I’ve tried from them, it’s amazing.

In one of the videos you’ll see me getting to the middle slice, where typically you’d see some barely cooked dough with budget pans. Not here. Perfectly crunchy and golden even at the very center of the largest pizza pan I’ve even seen.

The golden crust is all due to the pan being made from heavy duty 14 gauge aluminum which is important. Too thick or too thin pans or pans made of less conductive material won’t transfer heat correctly to both cook and brown pizza perfectly.

Unlike steel pans, there’s no need to season them and their patented coating makes it durable and non stick and incredibly easy to clean.

In my ebook I talk a lot about the pan pizza style which includes Sicilian, Roman al taglio, grandma style, and Detroit style, among others. The common tread is, well, the pan! And you need a good one!

Here is 1000g of dough that was half bread flour and half 00. The 1000g total dough weight was worked out from other grandma style pan pizzas I’ve done and it was perfect for this 16×16 crowd pleaser!

It was 75% water, 16% #sourdoughstarter, 3% salt, and 3% olive oil and followed the same timeline as the overnight cold proof Detroit style pizza #recipe from my ebook.

I even got my 171 year old sourdough starter Nonna out for this one and she came through big.

I did a parbake method here, just baking a stretched and oiled dough for 10 minutes before topping.

After the parbake I rubbed the pan sides down with butter (just adds a little something) and then topped with red sauce, shredded mozz, bell pepper, olives, onion, basil, pepperoncini, and both Parmesan and Pecorino. 🤤🤤

This Grandma Pizza was special!

Thank you @lloydpans !

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