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“high” hydration open crumb loaf #recipe just about there

A reminder of the goals:
1) no knead
2) proofing basket required
3) open even crumb, but not wild crumb

Just like the low hydration loaf (see previous post), goals 1 & 2 are looking good. Just have to lock in goal 3.

I’m going to play around with the fold timing more to get the structure more even.

The overnight autolyse has been amazing at building gluten strength without kneading.

This particular loaf was 86% water and it felt just a tad wet so I’ll drop it back down to 85%. Amazing what 1% can do! Again 80% bread flour and 20% wholemeal.

The recipe will get added to the ebook when it’s ready!

And if you already own the ebook, you’ll get an update with the new recipe.

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