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Suuuuuuuper stoked to do a collaboration with @pearls_olives and @pizzaiolotribe

I was #gifted a MASSIVE box of olives from @pearls_olives which I was super grateful for. I love it here in Scotland but man I miss 100% California grown black olives. 🤤

I was the kid at every family event who would down at least 10 (one for every finger! #iykyk)

They didn’t stop at the black olives, they also sent along some quality pimento stuffed green olives and kalamata olives as well!

Well I couldn’t do just one bake, we’re big #olive lovers over here at the rhsd household, so I did #pizza, #focaccia and mini focaccia #sandwhiches , all staring these #wholesome #plantbased rockstars.

Swwwwwipppeeee for all the olive goodness.

Thank you @pearls_olives !
Check out all the olive creations over at @pizzaiolotribe

#dreamolive #pizzaiolotribeolives
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