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Remember that ikea loaf from yesterday?

The recipe had been my recent go to:
80% @marriagesflour Canadian
20% whatever flour
75% water
20% #sourdough
3% salt

The “whatever flour” in this case is my DIY T-85

T-85 has become really popular recently. It’s basically a sifted wholemeal flour that removes the large bran flakes. So it’s not 100% wholemeal, but it does include most of the germ, and some bran.

It’s gained popularity because the germ adds a ton of nutrition to the flour but you don’t have to deal with the large bran flakes which can mess with absorption since wheat bran in an insoluble fiber.

You can get T-85 from some millers, but it’s more of a “specialty” flour and can be difficult to find at your local grocery store.

So make a DIY version at home!

I milled my own flour with my @wolfgangsmockmill , it’s a local soft wheat grown in Fife. But you don’t have to make your own. You can do it with store-bought wholemeal flour too!

I use this small mesh sieve thing. You just want a small, decently fine, sifting device.

And you just, well, sift.

And what comes out is milled endosperm, germ, and some bran. And what is left is large bran flakes. A lot of bran flakes!

It’s not just for #bread bakers! Lots of folks in the #pizza world are working more whole grain into their dough because it not only boosts nutrition, but flavor too!

Try sifting your own flour and see how it goes!
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