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I went to ikea today.

Knowing that I was going to ikea today, and also wanting to make some dough to bake tomorrow, I made a plan.

I had to plan, because even without 1 way systems and traffic control in the store, the fastest you can make it through ikea is 42 minutes, and since I was taking my 5 year old, I banked on 2 hours. And we were there 2.5.

But that’s fine! Because I had a plan!

Typically I don’t do a “mix” (a bakers term for what normal people call kneading)

I do mix my dough in the sense that I combine all the ingredients, but I don’t knead until I get a window pane, or for some magic amount of time. I just mix with a spatula until all the flour is gone and it looks homogeneous.

But not on ikea day.

See with my normal “no-knead” recipes, you have to fold every 45 minutes or so to build dough strength, but I knew I’d be out mispronouncing names and convincing myself that everything in the store really IS normal size for hours so I knew I couldn’t do folds.

So, I mixed.

First video is mixing with the “slap and fold” technique. I’m sorry I can’t remember who has popularized it, I’ll go look it up and add it to the comments. The method is all in the name, and it basically works as an upside down knead for doughs that are too wet for normal kneading. I did this for about 5 minutes.

The second video is the Rubaud method which mimics the act of a diving arm mixer. You rotate the bowl and you tuck in the edges of the dough. It’s less messy that a slap and fold and works well. Again about 5 minutes.

I then left to flat pack heaven.

When I returned 3 hours later, I did folds every 30 minutes for be last two hours, then did an hour bench rest, then into @flourside_ baskets and into the fridge.

I’ll bake them tomorrow and let you know how they go but so far so good!

Now off to build furniture that is about 90% to scale of my other furniture!
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