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Sicilian Pizza

The #sourdough #Sicilian #pizza recipe from the new ebook #1percentpizza is AMAZING

When I started developing the recipe, I went to the pan pizza man himself @eddiespizza412 for advice and he gave me some great tips and an awesome jumping off point for the recipe dev. Thank you so much @eddiespizza412 !!!

This pizza is SO good. I even went fully Eddie and piped some ricotta on top and did sesame seeds on the base.

The dough itself is a 24 hour ferment. 5 warm, 15 cold, then 4 in the pan before baking. It has a covered parbake the is topped and finished in the oven.

The airiness is outstanding and the crunch is just so satisfying. It is a fantastic pizza and I’m motivated more than ever to get this ebook done so you can make it too!

Eddie typically does sesame seeds on his grandmas, and not Sicilians, but I wanted to try it so I did it anyway. It was my first time with sesame seeds and it does add a really nice flavor and texture! I say give it a go on your next pan pizza!

I also did a spin on “upside down” here. Upside down is when the cheese is first then sauce. I did parbake, sauce and cheese, bake until the cheese browned, then more sauce and a final bake. So a sauce sandwich? Then a topping of piped ricotta and fresh basil. So in total sauce, cheese, sauce, cheese. Maybe a double decker? I don’t know. It was good though!

Oh and don’t worry, in the ebook I break down the differences between bar, grandma, Sicilian, and Detroit. all great pizzas, just slight differences in the dough.

I need to go make another pizza. Honestly this was just so good!

Baked in an 8×10 @lloydpans for perrrffeccctt color
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