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Fresh bread!

Nothing better than fresh bread!

I’ve been mixing flours a lot recently and love the different combos I’ve been coming up with.

Mixing flours is a great way to introduce new flavors, textures, and nutrients into your loaves.

I like to start with a really strong base flour. Here I’m using 80% @marriagesflour Canadian flour as my base.

The other 20% is whatever I feel like dropping in! I’ve been messing around a lot recently with some flour I was #gifted from @cotswoldflour

My favorite so far is a mix they have of spelt and rye, but also love their Cotswold crunch and their ancient grain varieties.

When I do a mixed flour loaf, I like to start with 75% water and go from there. This loaf was:

80% @marriagesflour Canadian
20% @cotswoldflour Heritage Barley
75% water
3% salt
20% #sourdough

5 hours warm with folds every 45 minutes or so. 1 hour bench rest. Proofed in @flourside_ in the fridge overnight. Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC Baked in @brovn4bread

I’ve been loving putting clotted cream and jam on toast. Is that okay UK friends, or is clotted cream reserved for scones 😂
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