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mmmm waffles!

#sourdough #waffles No better way to start the day!

This waffle recipe is special to me. It’s the first sourdough discard recipe that I developed. I was attempting to make a sourdough version of @kenjilopezalt ‘s pancake recipe from The Food Lab and ended up with a KILLER waffle batter. Always be looking to pivot!

This recipe is super hands off. It’s an overnight sponge followed by a quick mix in the morning and then straight into a hot waffle iron.

I think the best compliment I got was from my buddy @matthewjamesduffy who asked if he could credit me in his book for a waffle recipe he developed based on mine. He said he couldn’t get one as good as mine so he wanted to see if I was cool with him taking mine. Yes! Great artists steal as they say 😄Thanks for the credit Duffy!

Added bonus, the only sugar is from maple syrup, so if you’re looking to cut back on processed sugar, this is a great recipe.

Plus, sourdough! It’s easier on the gut.

Do it.

Recipe as always is in my ebook
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