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Glass door on Karu 16

@james_williams_video is a Product Manager at @oonihq and he took some incredible footage of his #karu16

This is with the door on. Look at the glass. Cryyysstalll clear.

Nice one James 💪

The secret behind the glass is our ViewFlame™ technology.

There’s a couple aspects that make the tech work. The glass first off is incredible, I’ll have some more videos on that later. Second is the little slots at the front of the door pull in air and push it down across the glass. You can see what I mean in the second video that I took when we were first developing the tech at HQ. This air creates a barrier between the glass and ash that would stick to the glass if the air wasn’t there. So cool!

I’m thinking of doing a little series on Karu 16. Thoughts?
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