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Get more color on your focaccia base

Here’s a tip if you’re having trouble getting the color you want on the bottom of your #focaccia (or pan #pizza)

When I first moved to the UK, I had to adapt my recipes to deal with a convection oven. Prior to that I had always baked in either a top element or bottom element gas or electric ovens. Bottom element ovens are the easiest to get crispy bottoms, but also run the risk of burning your loaves (put a stone or heavy sheet pan on the rack between your loaf and your bottom element if this is happening to you)

In top element or convection ovens, you have to get a little more creative since the heat source isn’t from the bottom.

I’ve tried stones, steels, stainless frying pans, cast iron frying pans, and yet the best way to get that color on the bottom still remains …

The covered parbake.

It’s so simple. Just cover your dough and bake it for 10-15 minutes covered. This prevents the top from darkening too quickly. Then uncover and bake an additional 20-25 minutes until the top is dark golden brown.

If you’re still having trouble getting the color you want, the final tip (do this in combo with the covered parbake) is to remove it from the pan and put it on a hot baking steel. I keep my baking steel in my oven all the time so it’s just there for me to pop a focaccia on if the bottom isn’t quiiiiiiittee dark enough.

This works great for your pan pizzas too!

The steel I’m using is from my @brovn4bread and it works great!
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