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California style pizza recipe (neo-Neapolitan)

Sunshine, friends, pizza. Doesn’t get better than that!

Had some friends over today for pizza, the sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the pizza was coming out 😙👌

The #pizza featured here is my absolute favorite dough recipe. It’s the same recipe in my ebook and will also being going into the new #pizza ebook #1percentpizza

This dough falls into a category I call neo-Neapolitan. It’s still made in a hotttt oven, but not quite 450C+ hot (more 400C / 750F hot) and it bakes on a little lower flame for a tad longer than Neapolitan.

It also has oil in the dough, a no-no in Neapolitan style and it has a bit more water than a traditional Neapolitan.

Last, it’s made with a good strong bread flour and a 320g dough ball stretched to 14” gives a slightly thicker and chewier crust.

I call this specific dough recipe “California Style”. Call it whatever you want, it’s delicious.

320g for 14”
63% water
2.7% salt
2.7% oil
10% sourdough
100% Bread flour

5 hour warm proof with folds every hour or so. Cold proof 1-3 days depending on your flour. I find that using @kingarthurbaking bread flour and 2-3 day ferment is just perfect.

Cold proof in balls if you can, otherwise ball after the fridge.

Rest 4-5 hours before making pizza.

Here’s my secret which adds a whole ‘nother dimension to the game, use flour, salt, and pepper on your peel when prepping the pizza. You have to work quickly because the salt can pull some moisture from the dough. Also works best on a wooden or bamboo peel. But dang. It adds something special. I’ve been doing that trick for years and it’s always a hit.

I baked these in my @oonihq #koda16. Launched at 750F stone temp and baked on medium to low for 2 minutes or so.

Front is a marg

Back is my signature pizza. Garlic olive oil base, shredded mozz, pepperoncini peppers, and lots of black pepper. Recipe for the garlic olive oil in the ebook.

Ebook on my site

All current ebook owners will get the pizza ebook for free!

I hope everyone in the States is enjoying a nice long weekend. Memorial Day is about honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Raise a glass to them 🇺🇸
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