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Gluten free sourdough pizza recipe

My first ever pizza made with Caputo’s gluten free flour. I was floored with how well this baked up in my @oonihq #koda16!

Typically I don’t dabble in gluten free products, after all, #sourdough when properly fermented can get you pretty close to “gluten free”. In fact there are studies showing the ppm of gluten in fermented sourdough bread to be under the legal standard for labeling as “gluten free”.

BUT, today I was hosting a friend who is being pretty cautious with gluten at the minute and made this for him and I’m so happy with how it came out.

Now, this is not technically gluten free as I did use a little sourdough starter for leavening, but I fermented the sourdough for a good long time to try and reduce the gluten as much as possible and the sourdough itself was only about 8% of the total dough weight, so the amount of fermented wheat was about 4% of the total dough weight. I let the person know and they were happy to give it a try (I had other gluten free options on deck just in case! 😰)

Anyway back to the pizza. It was actually, honestly, really good! Definitely better than other gluten free options, and no yeast flavor (gluten free flours sometime ask for a TON of yeast to try and leaven)

1 dough ball
130g gluten free flour
4g oil
4g salt
20g sourdough
90g water

I mixed it all up, let it sit for 15 minutes, covered in a light film of oil and balled it. Then let it sit covered in a warm oven for about 7 hours. Then I opened it gently using the gluten free flour as a dusting flour, topped it with garlic olive oil, shredded mozz, pepperoncini, and black olives. Then I launched it in the Koda 16 and baked it on a low flame for a few minutes, turning a few times, until golden brown

The color was great! And it was actually puffy! And my friend was happy to eat pizza again!

I am still an advocate for sourdough with those who have had trouble with modern bread products, but I also meet people where they are and was happy to run a fun experiment!

He agreed to try the sourdough next time 😉
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