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70% wholemeal spelt recipe

Proud of this little guy!

I had a follower ask for a recommendation on using 70% wholemeal spelt.

It was rather specific but having worked with spelt a little bit I rattled off:
70% wholemeal spelt
30% high protein white
17% sourdough
68% water
3% salt

I added that might feel a little dry but spelt can be tricky so start there and work up.

Then I thought, you know I should really try that recipe and see if it actually works.

Works 😂

And I was right, I could have gone with a little more water. 72% next time.

Here’s the beauty of #baking , it never gets old. There’s endless combos of flours and methods to try and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to think about how a given flour or combo may act and how to design a recipe for it.

I promise it will happen for you too, it will become second nature, it just takes a little practice and some good jumping off recipes.

I’ll eventually get this one good enough to share, and when I do, it will go in my ebook with all my other recipes. As a reminder all ebook updates are free to current owners.

My ebook, #bakingwithrosehillsourdough is available on my website

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