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Pantry Bread

Nothing fancy here just a good old fashioned pantry loaf

Grabbed some loose flour bags and whipped up this little number.

70% water
3% salt
30% #sourdough

Flours we’re a combo of @cotswoldflour Canadian, whole-wheat spelt, Cotswold crunch, and 8-grain. About 25% each 🤷‍♂️. Just dumped from near empty bags.

The procedure is my go-to from my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough which you can grab on my website

It’s a 5 hour warm ferment, 1 hour bench rest, and overnight fridge.

It’s a pretty bulletproof recipe and one I use most of the time when baking.

It’s great for a weekend bake. Feed up Friday morning, make the dough Friday after work, bake Saturday morning. 👏

Rested in @flourside_ small oval
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC
Baked in @lodgecastiron 5qt combo (thanks @panda_sourdough !)
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