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New York Style recipe dev

The #sourdough #newyorkstylepizza recipe is coming along nicely!

This uses diastatic malt powder which enhances the enzymatic activity, adds a little malty flavor, and assists in browning.

The bake on this wasn’t perfect, the flame was a little high on the @oonihq #koda16 so I got a little too much color for a true NY but the dough flavor was great! Lower flame next time Mike!

Plus I also had some complications in the actual pizza making. I rushed the 16” stretch and put a little hole in it, it got stuck to the peel, and well, you can see the video 😂

BUT, I still got my big New York slice out of it so I’m good. Oh and chill out purists, yes I put too many toppings on. This was more about seeing now the dough went than the classic NY slice.

All these #pizza #recipes will be in the new ebook, #1percentpizza with #rosehillsourdough

All current ebook owners will get the new pizza ebook fo freeeeee
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