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Detroit Style Pizza

There’s a reason why #detroitstylepizza is STILL having a moment in the #pizza sun. Because it’s freaking delicious.

I had some friends over last weekend and totally forgot to post about this 10×14 redtop.

This was the first time I used @capopizza ‘s butter then oil trick and it worked amazingly!

Butter your pan first, then I like to stick it in the freezer to really solidify the butter, then oil the pan, then add the dough to proof. This is an amazing trick if you’re having trouble with dough sticking.

Since butter is a saturated fat, it will stay solid at room temp. Whereas olive oil, an unsaturated fat, stays liquids. This is important if you’re doing longer proofs as the solid saturated fat makes a better barrier than the liquid unsaturated fat. Plus, I mean, it’s butter. So it’s always going to be better 😂

The recipe for this 10×14 beaut is in the ebook. I also have an 8×10 recipe. #bakingwithrosehillsourdough

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