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Travel Focaccia

I like to pack light when traveling and “not baking” isn’t an option 🙅‍♂️

In order to accomplish both goals, I keep my baking gear to a minimum. I plan my bakes so I know exactly how much flour to bring. I also pack a small scale, a little jar of premixed flour for feeding my #sourdough, a spatula, and one 10×14 pan.

That single pan is the perfect size for doing small batches of bagels, ciabatta, or focaccia like the one in the photo.

This #focaccia used the exact recipe from my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough but instead of a 9” round, I made it in the 10×14 pan which gives it a more traditional focaccia thickness.

If you don’t pack a pan and use the one from your vacation rental, usually those aren’t as high of quality, but fear not! A tip I learned from @capopizza can help (and I take it a step further)

Butter your pan first, then pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes to make sure the butter is nice and solid. Then oil the pan.

Since butter is a saturated fat, it stays solid at room temp which makes a barrier between your dough and pan to eliminate any sticking.

I’m going to try this with cold proofing in the pan as well. Cold proofing sourdough usually results in more sticking. It has to do with the acid cutting through the oil layer. I’m hoping this butter trick should help prevent that! If you’re having sticking issues with your pans, even without cold proofing in the pan, give the butter (or any saturated fat) trick a try!

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