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Ooni Fyra

This is why I love @oonihq #oonifyra !

I’m away for a few nights with the fam. I wanted to bring an Ooni, but space is TIGHT in the back of my little Skoda Fabia (in the US, think Mini Cooper size)

Fyra is the perfect choice for this. No other pizza oven can do this. Period. No caveats.

I fit enough fuel for 4 solid pizzas sessions (about 4 liters of pellets) fire lighters, gloves, the stone, hopper, pellet scoop, and chimney all inside the body of Fyra. I used some compost bags to hold the pellets and used the void space in the chimney and hopper to maximize how many pellets I could bring. I filled the burning tray with firefighters. Probably brought too many 😂

I think I could have fit a peel or two inside too! Next time.

Here’s me unpacking and getting it set up for some #woodfiredpizza 👏

Any #pizza loving campers out there? This is a no brainer!
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