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4 jars of sourdough experiment blooper

4 jars experiment: blooper

I did my math wrong. Oops!

I’m running some experiments to inform how to move from a yeasted recipe to a sourdough recipe.

The jar on the far left was to mimic a dough made with 75% water and 20% sourdough. The #sourdough was I used has been fed about 6 hours prior and had peaked.

The other 3 jars mixed with flour, water, and varying amounts of active dry yeast (ADY). The hydration of these were to match the total hydration of the jar using sourdough. It worked out at the ady jars were about 79%. I’ll have more on this later. I’m calling it YCH (Yeasted Comparable Hydration). There’s a Google sheet involved 😂

The first jar had 1g ADY, the second 0.5g and the third 0.2g.

I was shooting for the first jar to be 1/10th of the % of sourdough. I had come up with this 10x sourdough compared to yeast rule in the past but forgot until later that that was for fresh yeast, not ADY. 🤦‍♂️

Back to the note pad to work out how much to actually use! I’ll post the proper results and video when I do the experiment.

No experiment is a failure! Here it’s interesting to see just how FAST active dry yeast can move. Even at 0.4% ADY, the fermentation is moving faster than 20% Sourdough.

Also cool too see that afterwords the jars with the yeast were still super thick and doughy compared to the sourdough jar which was basically liquid. That’s the enzymatic power of the sourdough LABs breaking down that gluten and making it easier for you to digest 💪
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