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“Spontaneous” fermentation and 36 hour sourdough hack

Fun little “spontaneous” fermentation loaf

“Spontaneous” is pretty slow when it comes to sourdough 😄 but hey 36 hours from flour and water to a new doubling sourdough starter is pretty fast!

A cool application of this method would be to hack the process of starting a starter from scratch. This was decently strong in just 36 hours and I could see it just getting better and better with more feeds.

The flavor was reallllly interesting. Very cheesy and had the smell of an empty can of tomatoes. That’s a smell right 😂

Here’s why I think this works:
No you aren’t getting any live bacteria or yeast from the bread, that stuff is long gone.

But you are harvesting wild yeast and bacteria on the little cube of bread as it goes stale.

You can taste this happening in your bread if it ever gets more sour as it goes stale. That’s from wild LAB in the air.

Using whole-wheat flour in the beginning helps get some more wild yeast into the mix. Then feeding bread flour gives these yeast and bacteria something to eat. Only one more feeding and boom! It doubles!

I love running little experiments like this. Any requests for more?

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