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4 jars experiment, inoculation followup, 100% hydration

Here’s the 100% hydration follow up to the 75% hydration test.

As you can see comparing the two videos, the 100% hydration reduced the time to peak but also had a lower peak in all 4 jars.

I think the lower peak is again due to viscosity, not rising power. The lower the viscosity, (the more liquidy) the lower the rise, the higher the viscosity (the thicker) the higher the rise.

So again, I’m not seeing any issue with feeding 1:1:1 in terms of acid carryover issues. At least for these 1 off feedings.

I have seen issues with reduction in rising power with extended 1:1:1 or even 1:2:2 feedings. At some point, there will be just too much acid, and you’ll have to refresh at 1:3:3 or 1:4:4 or 1:5:5 to get some of that built up acid out. If I’ve been baking a lot and feeding 1:2:2 consecutively, I’ll throw in a 1:4:4 feeding to get that acid load down.

However, I think these experiments show you don’t need to be worried about doing a 1:1:1 feeding every once in a while if you need to save a little time and get your sourdough to peak quicker.

All 4 jars were fed to a total of 100g and the flour used was half bread flour and half wholemeal flour.

What test should I do next!?
What things would you like to see compared? Or any theories tested?

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