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Willing in summer with corn on pizza

Trying to will summer in today with this #pizza

Olive oil base
Shredded mozz
Goat cheese
Finished with Cilanto
Would have been even better with a squeeze of lime 🤌

All on #sourdough duh

In my podcast interview with @whatsgooddough recently I said the future of pizza is tomato free. He asked if I thought this was a sustainability thing and I said no, I think people are just opening their minds to all the possibilities with pizza and they’ll soon learn that some of the best ones don’t have tomato sauce.

I’d say 8/10 pizzas I make don’t have tomato but rather olive oil or a garlic olive oil base. This really allows the other ingredients to shine instead of having to compete with the heavy acidic and/or sweet that comes from the tomato.

Open your mind and make your next pizza tomato free!

Oh and, is it summer yet?
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