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enzymes at work in wheatgrass, don’t overthink it!

this is wheatgrass

the same stuff your best friend’s mom always used to get shots of at Jamba Juice in the 90’s

wheatgrass is just sprouted wheat berries

wheat berries are milled to become the flour you make bread with

When I planted this wheatgrass, I grabbed an old mug, some soil, tossed in a few wheat berries (wheat seeds), and added water.

I didn’t baby anything. I didn’t put it in a special contraption. I just added water.

This is the same process that is happening when you mix flour and water. Nature takes over. The enzymes in the seed start to break down the stored energy, just like they do when you mix flour and water, converting complex sugars into simpler one, and the structure of the roots and stalk start to form, just like the gluten structure forms in dough.

Some times we overthink this stuff. Do I autolyse or not? How long do I mix? How many folds? How long do I proof? At what temp do I proof? Do I need a special proofing setting on my oven? Am I building enough tension? Do I cold proof?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about this #sourdough stuff, just remember you have nature on your side. There is literally nothing more natural. You got this 👏
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