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1 dough recipe, 1 oven, 4 styles of pizza

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL here in Edinburgh

We threw a blanket out on the lawn and just laid in the sun all day. Add in pizza and that’s pretty much a perfect day.

I used my wood fired @oonihq to do 4 different styles on oak.


The recipe was my go-to 72 hour pizza dough from the ebook.
100% bread flour, 63% water, 2.5% salt, 2.5% olive oil, 10% #sourdough .

I launched the Neapolitan at 470C (880F) stone temp with a big roaring flame and it baked in just over 60 seconds. A true Neapolitan wouldn’t have oil in the dough and would have a little less water. It would also use 00 flour. I did a classic #margheritapizza with Buffalo mozz.

I launched the neo-Neapolitan at 400C (750F) stone temp with a decent flame height but not rolling. 2 min bake. Neo style is #woodfired but has a little longer bake so the crust is a bit sturdier. The bread flour also gives it a thicker base. This style lends itself to so many topping varieties since it’s a bit bread-ier. Here I did my roasted carrot and cauliflower with yellow curry. Baked with just garlic olive oil and jalapeño, then finished with the roasted veg, the yellow curry sauce (recipe in ebook), some cilantro and/or green onion and a squeeze of lime. 😙🤌

Third up was New York style. Hand tossed to 14”, then topped with crushed tomato, granulated garlic, oregano, grated hard pecorino (thanks for the tip @scottspizzatours ), shredded mozz, and fresh mozz. Then I launched at 375C (700F) and kept the flame super small to non existent for a 6 minute bake, only tossing some wood on at the end to finish off the top once I was happy with the bottom bake. Check out @pizzainthesac for more lownslow methods.

Last but not least was inspired by @jerryspizzapdx from his episode on the @whatsgooddough podcast. A tavern style thin and crispy, square cut, well done, no substitutions as Jerry would say. I rolled this out with a pin to a thin 14” and topped with sauce, cheese, pepper, onions, mushrooms, and lots of fennel. I launched 290C (550F) but wished I would have gone higher, 350C (650F) next time. Long bake. No flame. Just the heat from the oven. Killer pie. Will be doing more of these
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