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BBQ Chicken Pizza (hold the chicken)

I few nights ago I had a killer meal from @smiddybbq

One of the chef’s there (@brewenplace ) is a fellow relocated So Cal resident and we’ve connected on being Californians living in EDI. Super cool guy and clearly a talented chef.

Back the BBQ. It was such a nice taste of home and nothing like what I’ve been able to have in Scotland. We ordered way too much (my American isn’t gone yet) and I ended up bringing the leftovers in for some folks at work on Monday and they loved it.

Digging through the work fridge today trying to get inspired for our #pizza sesh, I saw some leftover bbq sauce. Specifically @smiddybbq ‘s cherry habanero 😙👌

One of my favorite pizzas as a kid was CPK’s BBQ Chicken (but back then I would peel off the onions 😂)

Anyway, I knew what I had to do. BBQ chicken (hold the chicken) with that amazing bbq sauce.

24 hour #sourdough base
Cherry habanero bbq sauce
Shredded mozz
Onion slices
Wild garlic that I harvested near work (it grows all over here in spring! So cool!)
And I finished with cilantro (coriander) and a squeeze of lime.

Holy moly

This pizza. Wood fired in @oonihq for 90 seconds or so.

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