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English Muffin Secret: Semolina!

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A weekly question around here is “okay guys, what do we want this weekend, #englishmuffins or bagels?”

I love a good #englishmuffin , it makes such a great breakfast sammie. The texture of these is great and the semolina on the outside makes the texture just perfect.

I enjoyed mine this morning with some butter and homemade mixed berry jam. Then had a second with peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey. Then a third just plain 😂

The recipe in the ebook calls for making 7, but they can easily stretch to 8 like I did here in the video. The 7 makes them easy to measure out perfect 100g muffins but 8 is easier to eye ball.

You don’t need a flattop, a frying pan or heavy cast iron is great. Here I used the base from the @brovn4bread which makes a killer flattop when not being used to bake bread.

I think @andrislagsdin was who turned me on to avocado oil for frying these. You need the high temp oil to get them cooked right.

You don’t NEED to finish them in the oven if you cook them well on the flattop but I like to keep them in there since I make them in batches. It keeps the first batch warm while the second batch finishes. Then the first batch is eaten while the second finishes baking in the oven 😂 And just in case your flat top is too hot and you risk burning them if they are still a little raw, the oven helps finishing the baking process without the risk of burning.

I’m off for a 4th 😬

Maybe I should make 16 next time 😂
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