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One our engineers at work got excited to make cubanos inspired sandwiches. He marinated the pork for 2 days and I made some fresh #sourdough this morning for the occasion.

Marinated pork, sliced ham, Edam cheese, pickles, mustard, 🤤

I even tossed some jalapeños and frank red hot on mine. Not very authentic 😂 but super tasty!

Bread was 83% water, 20% sourdough, 80% @cotswoldflour Canadian, 20% @cotswoldflour wholemeal, 3% salt

I followed the method in the “your percent sourdough” recipe from my ebook.

I think this flour could handle even more water 💦💦💦 so I’m going to keep upping it 💪

Nice work Frazzy Fresh 👏👏👏
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