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symmetry issues 🤔

I had some weird symmetry issues with this loaf 🤔

I think it’s from poor shaping technique

This dough was super strong so it resisted stretching when shaping. I didn’t stretch the dough out enough so I ended up with this tight log that I was then trying to force down into the basket, pressing into the loaf along the seam.

That’s why I’m guessing it is oddly dense in the middle and more wild at the sides 🤷‍♂️

This was using 80% @cotswoldflour Canadian bread flour and 20% wholemeal and was super strong at 78% water.

Next time I’ll up the water a bit to help make the dough more extensible so I can shape it properly

Until then, I’ll eat this tasty bread!

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Total dough weight ~600g

Made with @cotswoldflour
Proofed in @flourside_ medium oval
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC
Baked in @brovn4bread
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