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Kev made the bagels!


I cannot take credit for these absolute beauties. That belongs to my buddy Kev.

Kev works with me at ooni. He’s the king of kindness (one of our core values at ooni) and his positive personality is infectious.

When I first started at @oonihq Kev and I had a standing weekly 30 minute lunch meeting where we’d talk sourdough. At first we talked about what it was in general, then we transitioned to using that time to feed our sourdough cultures, then we used it to chat about hydration and dough. Then lockdown hit and we were sent home. Adios 30 minute sourdough meetings with Kev.

Turns out, Kev didn’t need the meetings any more. He was secretly becoming a sourdough machine behind the scenes. Every once in a while he’d shoot me a text with a question. We’d have a couple back and forth but that was it.

Then the bread photos started coming. How’s this look? What would happen if I changed this? Kev was hooked.

At some point Kev turned his focus to bagels. He sent me some photos and questions about his first attempts. I’d respond back with some advice and a reminder to keep trying! It would click at some point, I promise!

Well all these months later, Kev is now a #sourdough #bagel machine! He has his recipe dialed in. Look at these things! Perfect!

Kev is living proof that if you work hard, good things happen. That’s true of sourdough and everything really!

I can’t wait to have a bagel with my buddy Kev! Keep up the good work pal!!

This can be you. The #recipe for these are on my website There’s a how to video and the full written recipe is in my ebook, #bakingwithrosehillsourdough

Fun fact, Kev runs our Customer Support team at ooni, what we call The Ooni Experience team. If you’ve ever had a chat with him about your ooni, you’ll agree that he’s the king of kindness. A real beezer. That’s a good word here in Scotland 😂

I made the bagels today too. Mine weren’t as pretty 🙂
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