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Lucille and Nonna

Lucille and Nonna getting a little hit of afternoon sun after a feeding☀️

Lucille (left) is my #sourdough culture I made 3.5 or so years ago and she is fed between 1:2:2 and 1:5:5 depending on how quickly or slowly I want her to peak and is always fed half bread flour and half wholemeal flour. I feed her many times a week and when she’s not being fed, she lives in the fridge.

Nonna (right) is a culture I got from a friend who got it from a friend who’s family started it in the Bay Area of Northern California during the gold rush in 1849 so it puts her 172 years old. I rarely bake with her so she spends most of her days in the fridge. I make sure to revive her monthly at 1:2:2 but sometimes it takes 1:3:3 or 1:4:4 if she’s super acidic. She’s always fed with 100% bread flour and lives in the fridge when not being fed.

I recommend always feeding at least 1:2:2 (old starter : water : flour) to limit how much acid is carried over from the previous starter. If you feed at 2:1:1 or 1:1:1 and are having a sluggish starter, this may be your issue. Just up to 1:3:3 or 1:4:4 for a feeding or two the get the acid levels down and then move forward at 1:2:2.

You can also control peak time with ratios. If you want something to peak quicker, feed at 1:2:2 with warm water. If it’s night and you don’t need it until the next morning and want it to go slow, feed at 1:5:5 with cooler water. I feed with water right from the fridge for overnight slow feedings without any issue.

How are your starters looking?
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