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some windy #pizza making last night on @oonihq #koda16 but the wind is no match for this beast 💪

48 hour #sourdough crust using the Neapolitan #recipe alt from the ebook

Solid 14” pizza, and a bit thicker crust. This was a 330g dough ball.

Cooked low-n-slow

Stone temp was about 350C (660F) when launched. Cooked for about 6 minutes without a flame / low flame combo.

@pizzainthesac calls this the NeoNY, but NeaNY might be more accurate although doesn’t have the same ring 😂. A Neapolitan dough baked with NY style times and temps.

This one was topped with olive oil, shredded mozz, granulated garlic (my newest favorite topping), and pepperoncini (my oldest favorite topping 😂)

This whole rhsd thing started from a love of pizza. So if you haven’t made the pizza dough recipe yet, please do. It’s the first sourdough recipe I made and is great in your home oven (even better in an Ooni 😉)

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