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Rosehill Sourdough I

The Rosehill Sourdough I

Page 18 of the ebook

A super easy to handle into to #sourdoughbread #baking , this recipe is low enough hydration that you don’t need a proofing basket, it just proofs on parchment under a bowl.

This was one of the very first bread recipes I developed. I wanted a recipe to share with new folks that didn’t have all the equipment for bread baking. It’s easy enough for beginners and the recipe is simple to follow. I even have a video on YouTube!

If you have a dutch oven, great. If not, that’s fine too. I’ve had people make this in all kinds of baking vessels. You just need a lid or some way to generate steam in your oven and you’re set.

If you’ve been intimated by #sourdough, please don’t be! Once it clicks, it clicks for life. And what a cool lifelong skill to have!

Scored with @wiremonkeyshop UFO
Baked in @lodgecastiron
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