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Sometimes I ask the folks at work for a little quality control

According to them, my #detroitstylepizza recipe is a winner 💪

Recipe in the ebook

This was the 8×10 using both the cold proof alt and the par bake method.

It was a classic red top (cheese, pepperoni, red sauce) but then I added some pickled red chilies and finished it with some @bee_and_bonnetuk hot honey 🌶🍯

I baked it in a @oonihq #oonipro with a gas burner. I got the stones to about 375*C (700F) then dropped the burner to low and par baked for 10 minutes (just oil on the dough). Then I rubbed the dough with butter (secret 1) then topped with shredded mozz, mild cheddar, a healthy amount of granulated garlic (secret 2) before finishing with thick cut chorizo (secret 3) and some red sauce on last.

Now the chorizo here in the UK is Spanish style chorizo. It’s very similar to the spicier pepperoni in the US. It is not like the Mexican style chorizo I would get in Southern California that is much more loose. If you’re in the US, get a stick of pepperoni and cut it yourself. In the UK, go with a stick of Spanish chorizo.

Back to the pizza: a few pickled chilies and “shouted” the picking liquid all over the top of the pizza. (Recipe for the pickled chilies also in the ebook and “shouting” is what my wife calls when I flick the pickling liquid from pickled veggies on to pizza 😂)

Baked with low flame rotating as needed for another 10 minutes or so for all the cheese to melt and the edges to brown. I then turned the flame up to get some color for the last 30 seconds or so.

Boom. Pizza.

#panpizza is #goodpizza

If you haven’t made this, do it this weekend. It’s amazing. You don’t need an Ooni for it. The recipe in the ebook gives options for both home oven and ooni bakes.

Happy hump day!
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(If you get that reference, we can be friends 😂😂) ✌️
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