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New Post!

Apparently I missed #nationalpizzaday 😱

I’m sorry I let this happen!

I’m also super grateful I had prepped this #detroitstylepizza tonight

The smell of this pizza baking is heavenly 🤤

This was the recipe from my ebook for the 10×14 dsp using the cold proof recipe alt.

I made the dough last night, popped it in the fridge overnight , and let it rest covered in the pan all day.

Then I dimpled it, par baked for 10 minutes, the rubbed with butter and topped with granulated garlic, Monterey Jack cheese, shredded mozz, a quick red sauce, and some pickled chilies.

I then baked it for another 10 minutes until the edges were dark golden.

Every single time I make one of these I wonder why I ever make any other style of pizza. It’s that good.

Swipe for the bake
Swipe swipe for the measure up!

Recipe in the ebook!

BTW, I’m going live with @the_bread_code on YouTube this Friday. Check out his post for more info!

Happy day after #nationalpizzaday 😂
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