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New Post!

I just love it when a plan comes together 💪

Here is the (hopefully) second to last bake on the “high hydration” “open crumb” recipe development

Next test (last one 🤞) I’ll dial in the overnight #autolyse temp.

Reminder, I’m doing a overnight refrigerated autolyse starting with warm water to activate enzymatic activity but chilling to prevent too much.

I’m doing this to avoid kneading or mixing of any kind to develop gluten strength and instead letting nature do the work.

This one was a little warm (32C) going in to the wine fridge set to 7C so I assumed it would be overly extensible and guess what? It was overly extensible 😂 hypothesis verified 💪

Next attempt will be still at 32C going in but I’ll go in to my normal fridge which will bring the temp down quicker and avoid some of this extensive enzyme action.

I added a few folds early to even out the crumb, which worked as planned, every 30 minutes for 2 hours after mixing in the culture. I also let it come up to temp in a warm oven during this time. Then hourly coil folds. At 6 hours it’s shaped and popped in my @flourside_ proofing basket and right in the fridge for a 24 hour cold proof.

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal flour
86% water
20% sourdough
2.8% salt

I’m expecting a better oven spring out of the final #recipe. Stay tuned!

Btw, if none of this makes sense: can help 😂
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