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There’s something so special about learning to cook with fire

My plan was to go fast and hot with this pizza but when I went to launch, my stone wasn’t quite hot enough (just under 400C) so I knew that with how much fire was pouring over the top, the top would burn before the bottom had a chance to cook. So I improvised.

I front loaded a larger log right at the front of the fuel tray. This knocked the flames back a bit and I knew it bought be some time before that log would really catch.

I launched and ended up doing a 4 minute or so cook that very closely resembled the pizza I had over at @pizzeriabianco a couple years ago. The bake was so nice, a little more NY than Neapolitan (a style I call Neo-Neapolitan in my ebook)

This pizza was fantastic. Classic marg but subbed pesto for basil.

The second is slowly becoming a favorite. I’ve made it twice this week 😂. @ottolenghi ‘s marinated feta, with shredded mozz, pickled chilies, sage, and some honey. The sage was from my friends at @missgoodherbs. Last time I did cilantro instead of sage and some hot honey. I can’t tell which was better.

For the second pizza I let the big flame from the big log recharge the stone and prior to launch checked the temp again. Still under 400C so I didn’t add anymore wood, just let the smaller flame from the large log do the cooking. Then when I saw the bottom was cooking a little faster than the top, I just tossed on a couple small splits to give it a pop of flame and finish it off.

The jazz that is cooking with wood can feel so overwhelming at first but once you start getting good at it, watch out, your pizza will go next level! Plus then you get to roast marshmallows over the hot embers. Literally nothing better!

Dough was my 3 day Neapolitan style from my ebook.

Baked in @oonihq #oonipro
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