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Steam! 😤

If you’re not getting a good oven spring a few things could be to blame.

If you’re confident that your proof, your folding and shaping technique, and oven preheat time and temp are all spot on, you may just be missing some steam.

Steam helps keep the surface of the bread mailable so as the gases inside expand, they don’t hit too much resistance.

The bread will steam by itself and if your vessel isn’t much larger than your dough, you may not need to add steam.

To get more steam, some folks like to spray water into their cooking vessel. Some people like to skip the vessel and just bake on stone and have a separate container of water to make steam.

I like to put a couple ice cubes in when I launch my bread. I find this delays the steam long enough to get the lid on.

Here I’m doing it in my @brovn4bread but I’ve done this method with all my vessels.

This bread was 600g loaf with 50/50 @cotswoldflour Canadian / 8 grain, 80% water, 3% salt, 18% #sourdough following the rhsd 2 method.

Proofed in @flourside_
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop

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