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I had some folks asking how I shape my #pizza after balling so here’s a quick and snappy video of how I shape and top my pizza.

When I do a low n slow technique to mimic a deck oven when making New York style or similar style pizzas, I like to add semolina flour to my dredging flour as I like the little bit of extra crunch. So here, that’s exactly what I did.

I hit the dough ball with a little 00 flour and semolina flour then flipped the dough over so the smooth side of the dough is down. I always do this. I put my smooth side down and build on the seam side. I find it helps prevent sticking.

So smooth side down then I use my fingers to press it into a round then pop it on my floured peel. Then continue to press down to stretch into a circle. I’m not really pressing out too much, just down.

Then onto the backs of my hands. No finger tips up or you’ll get holes. I tell people pretend like you’re a monster trying to scare someone and make monster claws. That’s what you want your hands to look like. No big spinny spinny here but it doesn’t mean you can’t if you want to. Just gentle stretches outward then a little spin to rotate about 90 degrees and repeat until it gets the size that you want.

This was a roughly 330g dough ball and that’s a 14” pizza peel.

Then toppings! Here crushed tomatoes with salt, granulated garlic, and oregano. Then shredded mozz and grated parm. Then off to the @oonihq #oonipro for a 6 minutes low and slow #woodfire bake. Then hit with some pesto to finish.

Easy as that!

Made with @cotswoldflour 00 flour using my Neapolitan recipe mod from the ebook.

(Yes Neapolitan dough, NY technique. Shout out to @pizzainthesac for this method)

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