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Want some of my #sourdough?

My buddies at @ryesandshinesourdough sell my starter (in live form, not dried like others) in North America.

They maintain in to my specifications, keep it healthy, and seal and ship it every week all over the US and Canada.

So if you ever want to get some #rosehillsourdough, grab some from my friends at @ryesandshinesourdough

Every so often I like to do a #giveaway for my #sourdoughstarter to let people know how to get it and to give someone a chance to win it!

Pretty easy one, just follow me, follow @ryesandshinesourdough and comment below that you want a starter! If you tag a friend and you win, I’ll send them one too! Heck, I’ll do it for up to 5 people. So tag away! One comment will be chosen and the commenter and up to 4 tagged folks will win my sourdough!

Good luck!

Winners will all need addresses in US and/or Canada 🇺🇸🇨🇦

My sourdough is fed at 100% hydration (typically 1:2:2) with half bread flour and half wholemeal flour.
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