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New Post!

want to pursue a little #slowness ?

try #sourdough

I’ve got some videos that will help on my website

if you want to dive in deeper, I have an ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough

Some other great accounts to follow making great content and sharing what they love:

And I know I’m missing so many more!

We’re here to help ✌️

I’ve asked a few of you this question in private and I’ll hope you’ll answer below in public. Has #baking made an impact on your life over the last 6 months? Tell me how.

Personally, I’ve been amazed to see how many of you have shown interest in the way I talk about sourdough. I’ve got many messages over the last few months thanking me for the ebook. Things like “it’s the first book on sourdough that makes sense to me” or “baking keeps me sane” or “my family thinks I can bake now, and they love it, thank you” 😂

Thank all of you for your support! I love that these recipes are working for you and I love seeing all your photos!

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