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Last recipe for the new version of the ebook is done ✅

Soft, buttery, #sourdough #sandwich #bread

Peer review is back from this sandwich bread recipe and the feedback has been awesome!

One of the testers said “best sourdough bread I’ve ever baked” 🤯

I’m telling you, this sandwich bread is amazing and so simple. It’s a killer same day recipe as it only takes about 6 hours start to finish and you only touch the dough 3 times! Once to mix/knead, once to do a quick fold, and one last time to put in the loaf tin. Then the rest of the time it’s just fermenting away. 45 minutes to bake and boom, fresh, amazing, sandwich bread. Adios store bought bread (and your terrible plastic bags) 👋

Working on the new version of the ebook now and it should be out in a couple weeks.

New recipes are this sandwich bread, 100% wholemeal, 50% wholemeal, and a “choose your own %” wholemeal with explanations on how to choose how much water and sourdough to use. Also the scones and snickerdoodles!

Oh and hads up, 3 giveaways this week 🤯

1) my monthly giveaway of my actual sourdough starter from my friends at @ryesandshinesourdough (did you know you could buy my sourdough starter? Now ya do! (US / CAN only)

2) @cotswoldflour ‘s Ultimate Bread Box – 10 bags of premium cotswold flour 🥳🥳🥳 (UK only)

3) $50 weekly photo contest! (Mr. Worldwide)

Have a great week everyone! So looking forward to getting this recipe in your hands!!

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