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How I ball my pizza dough!

If you have the room in your fridge, do this before cold proofing.

If you don’t have the space (like me!) then cold proof as one big ball and then portion and ball like this.

This is a great way to ball when you have irregular shapes, a triangle wedge here after spilling a larger ball in 3. This works for every shape. Just keep pinching and pulling opposite corner a in to the center until you have a round shape. Then flip and use the tension from the dough sticking to the counter or prep board to pull into a smooth ball.

You’re going to want let your dough balls rest before turning them into pizza. Cover with a wet towel and allow to sit until room temp (4-5 hours maybe more if it’s cold). This allows the dough to have a final proof and make it easier to stretch. If you balled after the fridge, it also gives time for the dough to heal the breaks you put in it when dividing.

I feel like there are so many of these videos so I’m reluctant to add to the noise but if you find them helpful I’ll keep doing them. Helpful?
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